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Bumble and bumble Creator Community FAQs

Q: I can’t connect my IG/Facebook Page to the Creator Hub, can you help me with that? 

A: To connect your Instagram account to a creator program, Instagram and Meta have a few requirements: you must have an “Instagram Business or Creator” account, and you need to have it linked to a Facebook Business Page. This may sound complicated but it’s only a few clicks!  

*Please see our guide here for more information: and be sure to check out the links on that page for additional help on the specifics.  

If that doesn’t work, can you please let us know which step in the process you can’t get past? Other types of problems (like being logged into the wrong Facebook or Instagram account) can be solved by logging into your Creator Dashboard in a “private browsing” or “incognito” window. 

Q: Is there a budget for this campaign? 

A: This is a gifting only campaign. We hope you will participate as future campaigns may offer compensation and other exclusive benefits. 

A: Absolutely, you can. While we strongly encourage you to link all your social media accounts, including Instagram and TikTok, to our community, rest assured that you can still join the campaign even if you only possess a TikTok or Instagram account. 

Q: I recently moved, and where I can update my shipping address? 

A: You will be asked to provide your shipping address each time you receive an invitation for a gift-only campaign. So, for now, you don’t need to worry about anything about updating the address if you haven’t joined a campaign yet. 

Q: Is there are ways for creators to join the campaign without connecting socials?  We are unable to connect social accounts due to some technical constraints. 

A: Any creators who join this program will be asked to connect their socials. We encourage you to connect both your Instagram and TikTok, however, you can also participate in the campaign if you only have TikTok or Instagram account. 

Q: I declined the campaign brief by accident, can I still join the campaign? 

A: You can raise an issue in the campaign brief and we will get notification from you. You can also send us an email and let us know your issue.