Tidal Documentation Center

Welcome to the Tidal Labs documentation center – your home for any and all inquiries with regards to our online communities.

This doc center is your go-to for any questions whether you’re one of our partners or a contributor to one of the channels. Contributors can find general overviews on how to sign up and get started, an outline of their intelligent dashboard, tips for writing great content and common troubleshooting issues.

Partners can find an outline of the site building process and creation, an overview of your administrative dashboard, tips on building a successful community and our technical documentation.

Use the appropriate table of contents to the left to navigate. Have a question you can’t find the answer to here? Email us at Tidal Support and we’ll be happy to help you!

Interested in Tidal for Your Site?

Tidal is a unique platform that supercharges individuals online, bringing new tools and exposure to the most talented creators on the web by connecting them with top brands and publishers. We work with Pepsi, Details Magazine, Liquor.com, Lucky Magazine and others to create online communities made up of passionate bloggers/writers from around the globe.